ZXQX800 Glass Washing Machine

ZXQX800CS Glass Washing and Drying Machine

for flat glass cleaning and drying

  • Model: ZXQX800CS

ZXQX800CS Glass Washing and Drying Machine

I. Features:  

1.1 ZXQX800CS Horizontal glass washing machine is used for washing and drying flat glass.

1.2 The machine mainly consists of loading section, washing section, drying section and unloading section.

1.3 Main drive is chain drive and stepless speed regulation.

1.4 All machine covers, metal plate are stainless steel, water loader in loading section also made of stainless steel.

1.5 Transmitting rubber rollers of the machine are vulcanized rubber(Full cover of vulcanized rubber )

1.6 The machine has four pairs of brushes, four pairs of sponge rollers and one tank.


II. Technical Parameters:

2.1 Dimension: 2800mm*1350mm*1000mm(L*W*H)

2.2 Max. Glass Size800 mm ×1500mm

2.2 Min. Glass Size50mm×50mm (40*40mm, put in diagonal)

2.3 Glass Thickness: 3mm-19mm

2.4 Speed Range: 0.75-3.5m/min

2.5 Height of Table: 810±10mm

2.6 Power: 10KW

2.7 Weight: about 600KG

2.8 Power Supply: 380V 50HZ

2.9 Water Source: circulating water, city water, and deionized water ( Buyers need to prepare deionized water equipment by themselves. )

III. Motors and Main Accessories Origin:

3.1 Main drive motor: Nan Hua

3.2 Brush motor: Zhejiang MingYiYang

3.3 Water pump: Guangdong LX

3.4 Blower: Foshan Yongcheng

3.6 Electric Components: Zhejiang CHINT

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