ZXX-C2010 CNC Shaped Glass Edge Polishing Machine

ZXX-C2010 CNC Shaped Glass Edging and Polishing MachineMachine introduce:The ZXX-C2010 machining center is a high-precision edging and polishing equipment, which is mainly used for the edging and poli

  • Model: ZXX-C2010

ZXX-C2010 CNC Shaped Glass Edging and Polishing Machine

Machine introduce:

The ZXX-C2010 machining center is a high-precision edging and polishing equipment, which is mainly used for the edging and polishing of the outer and inner edges of glass, rock slabs and various types of stone.

The operating system of this machine is customized and developed by our company. This system has an automatic linear compensation function or self-statistical compensation for the number of workpieces; part of the conventional library is preset in the system. When the product to be edged is similar to the graphics in the library, there is no need to design a CAD drawing separately, directly in the system The parameters can be changed in the gallery; The drive system adopts three-axis four-wheel drive mode, with high-precision servo, reducer and rack guide rail transmission, which has the advantages of large torque, high precision and fast speed; the grinding system is dedicated for high-power edging The main shaft and the main shaft are equipped with an air seal to maximize the service life of the main shaft motor; the grinding wheel and the polishing wheel are installed in a stacked manner, and the edging and polishing functions can be switched only through the lifting of the main shaft motor, fast and efficient failure rate low. The maximum rough grinding speed of this machine can reach 9 m/min, and the maximum polishing speed can reach 6 m/min. It is an ideal equipment for edge grinding and polishing of special-shaped workpieces such as glass and rock slabs.


Application to

1. Edging and polishing of electrical panel glass

2. Electronic scale glass

3. Furniture glass

4. All kinds of special-shaped glass edging and polishing

5. Various shapes of tea table glass and tea table rock slabs, various edge grinding

6. Glass round table edging

7. Cupboard glass door panel, wardrobe door panel edging

8. Edging and polishing of hood stove panel

9. Induction cooker glass ceramic edging

10. Glass edging for cars

Technical Parameter:



Machine Size




Machine Empty Room


Table Size


Mini grinding size


Max grinding size ( wheel φ150


Grinding Speed

1-18m/min   ( Normal 5-9m/min)

Polish Speed

1-18m/min   (normal 3-6m/min)

Table Material

Aluminium Plate

Rail slider


Servo motor


Grinding wheels uselife

2500M Around

Polish wheel uselife

150M/ Level  around



Main Spindel Power(KW)


Size of Machine:2800×1650×2200mm

Processing Size:2000×1000mm


Main Spindle:11kw

Total Power:18.1kw

  1. By LCL Container: standard export wooden box package

  2. By FCL Container: Plastic Package